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Single Shell Tanks

STAPCO's single shell and jacketed stainless steel tanks are quality products with superior design and solid construction.  Rigid quality control standards assure our customers the best materials go into the fabrication of each tank.  Superior welding technology produces clean, uniform welds for enhanced appearance and added structural integrity.  STAPCO's polishing exceeds industry standards for surface requirements.  In-process inspections guarantee a high quality product will be shipped to our customers.

STAPCO Design Standards
  • Sizes from 5 to 15,000 gallons
  • Single shell or jacketed with ASME Sec. VIII, Div. I code stamp
  • Insulation and outer case optional
  • 304 S.S. and 316 S.S. construction with your choice of finish
  • Other alloys available upon request
  • Standard design for 1.20 specific gravity and atmospheric pressure
  • Code and non-code pressure vessels available upon request
  • Stainless steel pipe legs with floor pads standard
  • Stainless steel floor flanges or adjustable ball feet optional
  • Optional tops: conical, dished, flat or open
  • Optional shells: vertical or horizontal with dished ends
  • Optional bottoms: sloped, dished, cone and flat
  • Fittings: sanitary ferrules, flanges, threaded connections, vents and no-foam inlets
  • Accessories: covers, agitators, mixer mounting, tank valves, gauge assemblies




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